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 *   Copyright (C) 2007 Ryan Schultz, PCSX-df Team, PCSX team              *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,       *
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of        *
 *   GNU General Public License for more details.                          *
 *                                                                         *
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     *
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the                         *
 *   Free Software Foundation, Inc.,                                       *
 *   51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.           *

#ifndef __PLUGINS_H__
#define __PLUGINS_H__

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include "psxcommon.h"

//#define ENABLE_SIO1API 1

#ifndef _WIN32

typedef void* HWND;
#define CALLBACK

typedef long (*GPUopen)(unsigned long *, char *, char *);
typedef long (*SPUopen)(void);
typedef long (*PADopen)(unsigned long *);
typedef long (*NETopen)(unsigned long *);
typedef long (*SIO1open)(unsigned long *);


#include <windows.h>

typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUopen)(HWND);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUopen)(HWND);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADopen)(HWND);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETopen)(HWND);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1open)(HWND);


#include "spu.h"

#include "psemu_plugin_defs.h"
#include "decode_xa.h"

int LoadPlugins();
void ReleasePlugins();
int OpenPlugins();
void ClosePlugins();

typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* PSEgetLibType)(void);
typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* PSEgetLibVersion)(void);
typedef char *(CALLBACK* PSEgetLibName)(void);

// GPU Functions
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUinit)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUshutdown)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUclose)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUwriteStatus)(uint32_t);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUwriteData)(uint32_t);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUwriteDataMem)(uint32_t *, int);
typedef uint32_t (CALLBACK* GPUreadStatus)(void);
typedef uint32_t (CALLBACK* GPUreadData)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUreadDataMem)(uint32_t *, int);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUdmaChain)(uint32_t *,uint32_t);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUupdateLace)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUconfigure)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUtest)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUabout)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUmakeSnapshot)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUkeypressed)(int);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUdisplayText)(char *);
00086 typedef struct {
      uint32_t ulFreezeVersion;
      uint32_t ulStatus;
      uint32_t ulControl[256];
      unsigned char psxVRam[1024*512*2];
} GPUFreeze_t;
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUfreeze)(uint32_t, GPUFreeze_t *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUgetScreenPic)(unsigned char *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* GPUshowScreenPic)(unsigned char *);
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUclearDynarec)(void (CALLBACK *callback)(void));
typedef void (CALLBACK* GPUvBlank)(int);

// GPU function pointers
extern GPUupdateLace    GPU_updateLace;
extern GPUinit          GPU_init;
extern GPUshutdown      GPU_shutdown; 
extern GPUconfigure     GPU_configure;
extern GPUtest          GPU_test;
extern GPUabout         GPU_about;
extern GPUopen          GPU_open;
extern GPUclose         GPU_close;
extern GPUreadStatus    GPU_readStatus;
extern GPUreadData      GPU_readData;
extern GPUreadDataMem   GPU_readDataMem;
extern GPUwriteStatus   GPU_writeStatus; 
extern GPUwriteData     GPU_writeData;
extern GPUwriteDataMem  GPU_writeDataMem;
extern GPUdmaChain      GPU_dmaChain;
extern GPUkeypressed    GPU_keypressed;
extern GPUdisplayText   GPU_displayText;
extern GPUmakeSnapshot  GPU_makeSnapshot;
extern GPUfreeze        GPU_freeze;
extern GPUgetScreenPic  GPU_getScreenPic;
extern GPUshowScreenPic GPU_showScreenPic;
extern GPUclearDynarec  GPU_clearDynarec;
extern GPUvBlank        GPU_vBlank;

// CD-ROM Functions
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRinit)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRshutdown)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRopen)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRclose)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRgetTN)(unsigned char *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRgetTD)(unsigned char, unsigned char *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRreadTrack)(unsigned char *);
typedef unsigned char* (CALLBACK* CDRgetBuffer)(void);
typedef unsigned char* (CALLBACK* CDRgetBufferSub)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRconfigure)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRtest)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* CDRabout)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRplay)(unsigned char *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRstop)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRsetfilename)(char *);
00139 struct CdrStat {
      uint32_t Type;
      uint32_t Status;
      unsigned char Time[3];
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRgetStatus)(struct CdrStat *);
typedef char* (CALLBACK* CDRgetDriveLetter)(void);
00146 struct SubQ {
      char res0[12];
      unsigned char ControlAndADR;
      unsigned char TrackNumber;
      unsigned char IndexNumber;
      unsigned char TrackRelativeAddress[3];
      unsigned char Filler;
      unsigned char AbsoluteAddress[3];
      unsigned char CRC[2];
      char res1[72];
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRreadCDDA)(unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* CDRgetTE)(unsigned char, unsigned char *, unsigned char *, unsigned char *);

// CD-ROM function pointers
extern CDRinit               CDR_init;
extern CDRshutdown           CDR_shutdown;
extern CDRopen               CDR_open;
extern CDRclose              CDR_close; 
extern CDRtest               CDR_test;
extern CDRgetTN              CDR_getTN;
extern CDRgetTD              CDR_getTD;
extern CDRreadTrack          CDR_readTrack;
extern CDRgetBuffer          CDR_getBuffer;
extern CDRgetBufferSub       CDR_getBufferSub;
extern CDRplay               CDR_play;
extern CDRstop               CDR_stop;
extern CDRgetStatus          CDR_getStatus;
extern CDRgetDriveLetter     CDR_getDriveLetter;
extern CDRconfigure          CDR_configure;
extern CDRabout              CDR_about;
extern CDRsetfilename        CDR_setfilename;
extern CDRreadCDDA           CDR_readCDDA;
extern CDRgetTE              CDR_getTE;

// SPU Functions
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUinit)(void);                     
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUshutdown)(void);     
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUclose)(void);              
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUplaySample)(unsigned char);            
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUwriteRegister)(unsigned long, unsigned short);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SPUreadRegister)(unsigned long);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUwriteDMA)(unsigned short);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SPUreadDMA)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUwriteDMAMem)(unsigned short *, int);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUreadDMAMem)(unsigned short *, int);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUplayADPCMchannel)(xa_decode_t *);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUregisterCallback)(void (CALLBACK *callback)(void));
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUconfigure)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUtest)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUabout)(void);
00197 typedef struct {
      unsigned char PluginName[8];
      uint32_t PluginVersion;
      uint32_t Size;
      unsigned char SPUPorts[0x200];
      unsigned char SPURam[0x80000];
      xa_decode_t xa;
      unsigned char *SPUInfo;
} SPUFreeze_t;
typedef long (CALLBACK* SPUfreeze)(uint32_t, SPUFreeze_t *);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUasync)(uint32_t);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SPUplayCDDAchannel)(short *, int);

// SPU function pointers
extern SPUconfigure        SPU_configure;
extern SPUabout            SPU_about;
extern SPUinit             SPU_init;
extern SPUshutdown         SPU_shutdown;
extern SPUtest             SPU_test;
extern SPUopen             SPU_open;
extern SPUclose            SPU_close;
extern SPUplaySample       SPU_playSample;
extern SPUwriteRegister    SPU_writeRegister;
extern SPUreadRegister     SPU_readRegister;
extern SPUwriteDMA         SPU_writeDMA;
extern SPUreadDMA          SPU_readDMA;
extern SPUwriteDMAMem      SPU_writeDMAMem;
extern SPUreadDMAMem       SPU_readDMAMem;
extern SPUplayADPCMchannel SPU_playADPCMchannel;
extern SPUfreeze           SPU_freeze;
extern SPUregisterCallback SPU_registerCallback;
extern SPUasync            SPU_async;
extern SPUplayCDDAchannel  SPU_playCDDAchannel;

// PAD Functions
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADconfigure)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* PADabout)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADinit)(long);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADshutdown)(void);     
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADtest)(void);         
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADclose)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADquery)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADreadPort1)(PadDataS*);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADreadPort2)(PadDataS*);
typedef long (CALLBACK* PADkeypressed)(void);
typedef unsigned char (CALLBACK* PADstartPoll)(int);
typedef unsigned char (CALLBACK* PADpoll)(unsigned char);
typedef void (CALLBACK* PADsetSensitive)(int);

// PAD function pointers
extern PADconfigure        PAD1_configure;
extern PADabout            PAD1_about;
extern PADinit             PAD1_init;
extern PADshutdown         PAD1_shutdown;
extern PADtest             PAD1_test;
extern PADopen             PAD1_open;
extern PADclose            PAD1_close;
extern PADquery            PAD1_query;
extern PADreadPort1        PAD1_readPort1;
extern PADkeypressed       PAD1_keypressed;
extern PADstartPoll        PAD1_startPoll;
extern PADpoll             PAD1_poll;
extern PADsetSensitive     PAD1_setSensitive;

extern PADconfigure        PAD2_configure;
extern PADabout            PAD2_about;
extern PADinit             PAD2_init;
extern PADshutdown         PAD2_shutdown;
extern PADtest             PAD2_test;
extern PADopen             PAD2_open;
extern PADclose            PAD2_close;
extern PADquery            PAD2_query;
extern PADreadPort2        PAD2_readPort2;
extern PADkeypressed       PAD2_keypressed;
extern PADstartPoll        PAD2_startPoll;
extern PADpoll             PAD2_poll;
extern PADsetSensitive     PAD2_setSensitive;

// NET Functions
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETinit)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETshutdown)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETclose)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETconfigure)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETtest)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* NETabout)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* NETpause)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* NETresume)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETqueryPlayer)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETsendData)(void *, int, int);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETrecvData)(void *, int, int);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETsendPadData)(void *, int);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETrecvPadData)(void *, int);

00290 typedef struct {
      char EmuName[32];
      char CdromID[9];  // ie. 'SCPH12345', no \0 trailing character
      char CdromLabel[11];
      void *psxMem;
      GPUshowScreenPic GPU_showScreenPic;
      GPUdisplayText GPU_displayText;
      PADsetSensitive PAD_setSensitive;
      char GPUpath[256];      // paths must be absolute
      char SPUpath[256];
      char CDRpath[256];
      char MCD1path[256];
      char MCD2path[256];
      char BIOSpath[256];     // 'HLE' for internal bios
      char Unused[1024];
} netInfo;

typedef long (CALLBACK* NETsetInfo)(netInfo *);
typedef long (CALLBACK* NETkeypressed)(int);

// NET function pointers 
extern NETinit               NET_init;
extern NETshutdown           NET_shutdown;
extern NETopen               NET_open;
extern NETclose              NET_close; 
extern NETtest               NET_test;
extern NETconfigure          NET_configure;
extern NETabout              NET_about;
extern NETpause              NET_pause;
extern NETresume             NET_resume;
extern NETqueryPlayer        NET_queryPlayer;
extern NETsendData           NET_sendData;
extern NETrecvData           NET_recvData;
extern NETsendPadData        NET_sendPadData;
extern NETrecvPadData        NET_recvPadData;
extern NETsetInfo            NET_setInfo;
extern NETkeypressed         NET_keypressed;


// SIO1 Functions (link cable)
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1init)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1shutdown)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1close)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1configure)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1test)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1about)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1pause)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1resume)(void);
typedef long (CALLBACK* SIO1keypressed)(int);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeData8)(unsigned char);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeData16)(unsigned short);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeData32)(unsigned long);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeStat16)(unsigned short);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeStat32)(unsigned long);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeMode16)(unsigned short);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeMode32)(unsigned long);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeCtrl16)(unsigned short);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeCtrl32)(unsigned long);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeBaud16)(unsigned short);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1writeBaud32)(unsigned long);
typedef unsigned char (CALLBACK* SIO1readData8)(void);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SIO1readData16)(void);
typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* SIO1readData32)(void);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SIO1readStat16)(void);
typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* SIO1readStat32)(void);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SIO1readMode16)(void);
typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* SIO1readMode32)(void);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SIO1readCtrl16)(void);
typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* SIO1readCtrl32)(void);
typedef unsigned short (CALLBACK* SIO1readBaud16)(void);
typedef unsigned long (CALLBACK* SIO1readBaud32)(void);
typedef void (CALLBACK* SIO1registerCallback)(void (CALLBACK *callback)(void));

// SIO1 function pointers 
extern SIO1init               SIO1_init;
extern SIO1shutdown           SIO1_shutdown;
extern SIO1open               SIO1_open;
extern SIO1close              SIO1_close; 
extern SIO1test               SIO1_test;
extern SIO1configure          SIO1_configure;
extern SIO1about              SIO1_about;
extern SIO1pause              SIO1_pause;
extern SIO1resume             SIO1_resume;
extern SIO1keypressed         SIO1_keypressed;
extern SIO1writeData8         SIO1_writeData8;
extern SIO1writeData16        SIO1_writeData16;
extern SIO1writeData32        SIO1_writeData32;
extern SIO1writeStat16        SIO1_writeStat16;
extern SIO1writeStat32        SIO1_writeStat32;
extern SIO1writeMode16        SIO1_writeMode16;
extern SIO1writeMode32        SIO1_writeMode32;
extern SIO1writeCtrl16        SIO1_writeCtrl16;
extern SIO1writeCtrl32        SIO1_writeCtrl32;
extern SIO1writeBaud16        SIO1_writeBaud16;
extern SIO1writeBaud32        SIO1_writeBaud32;
extern SIO1readData8          SIO1_readData8;
extern SIO1readData16         SIO1_readData16;
extern SIO1readData32         SIO1_readData32;
extern SIO1readStat16         SIO1_readStat16;
extern SIO1readStat32         SIO1_readStat32;
extern SIO1readMode16         SIO1_readMode16;
extern SIO1readMode32         SIO1_readMode32;
extern SIO1readCtrl16         SIO1_readCtrl16;
extern SIO1readCtrl32         SIO1_readCtrl32;
extern SIO1readBaud16         SIO1_readBaud16;
extern SIO1readBaud32         SIO1_readBaud32;
extern SIO1registerCallback   SIO1_registerCallback;


void CALLBACK clearDynarec(void);

void SetIsoFile(const char *filename);
const char *GetIsoFile(void);
boolean UsingIso(void);
void SetCdOpenCaseTime(s64 time);

#ifdef __cplusplus

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